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About Us

NOA Group of Companies

NOA GROUP Human Resources is one of the approved UGANDA companies of professional human resources recruitment of all nationalities. It recruits technical and specialized human resources for private sector and provides its services to individuals as well. Human resources recruitment services include specialized and professional proficiencies, as well as domestic and industrial workersofbothgenders

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Why NOA Group Human Resources

NOA GROUP seeks to provide the best staffs to work for its clients and seeks to meet their expectations.

To guarantee the rights of our clients and recruited staffs to ensure both parties are comfortable and in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions.

To handle the procedures of recruitment through prepared visas it already has from its clients.

Speed and precision of service provision in order to be able to fulfill its clients' requirements with no delay and in the highest quality.

To take care of all matters related to the recruited human resources management including the management of such human resources and their salaries.

We utilize technology and ERP systems to meet our clients’ expectations.

NOA Group

Our Stance


At NOA GROUP Human Resources Company, we aim at fulfilling our clients’ needs and the market needs within the republic of Uganda in accordance with the highest standards by investing in the Uganda proficiencies in the first place and then the international proficiencies which can create a difference in the market.


We seek to be among the leaders of the Uganda market in particular, world and Gulf market in general in the human resources sector.


In NOA GROUP we exist to recruit staffs with high proficiency to go inconformity with the work needs on one hand and with the Uganda society's traditions and customs on the other hand to be a part ofthe journey of the development in the world where we have clients

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